My pistol collection shows some of my wide ranging interests: target shooting, self defense and concealed carry. Washington State allows its honest law abiding citizens to apply for concealed carry permits. After 90 days of residence I applied for and was granted a permit. According to government figures conceal carry permit holders actually shoot the “wrong” person less often than the police do and far from becoming a “wild west” scenario it is extremely rare for a permit holder to shoot anyone. In three years of living in Washington State I never needed to use my pistol once. It was like car insurance - not needed most of the time but when the worst happens it’s sure nice to have.

California now has a whole series of laws regarding pistols. Subjects of the state are only permitted to purchase one pistol a month. Citizens of the United States who move to California are now considered importers of pistols and have to pay a $14 fee for each pistol and ensure that it is listed on a list of tested and approved pistols. Neither of these stupid requirements apply to criminals who steal their weapons or illegally import them with their drugs.

My next pistol will possibly be 9 mm Browning Hi-Power after I get done with my 1911-A1 project pistol. Just discovered that the Hi-Power is not approved for sale in California - a Beretta 92 is looking good then! Found the Beretta free gun safe deal too good to pass up. Bought a stainless steel model for the collection. So looks like a CZ-75 might fill the Hi-Power want.

Pistol Collection 6-2001