Springfield Armory 1911-A1

This is my Springfield Armory mil-spec 1911-A1 .45 as it came from the factory. Iíve been avoiding getting a 1911 as long as possible but couldnít hold off any longer. I donít plan on making this into a full race pistol (yet!) and just have plans to replace the grips with some fancy wooden ones, the iron sights with some self luminous ones, and possibly change the thumb safety. But like I said, itís not going to be a race gun. I bought the pistol as a project, something to cut my 1911 teeth on and learn itís operation much like I did with the AR-15 series of rifles.

Iíve run 75 rounds though this beast without a failure yet. The recoil is pretty impressive with 230 grain bullets. Iíve found that the gun fails to feed the 230 gn. JHP rounds so Iíve gone back to FMJ rounds.

Springfield Armory 1911-A1 with Zebra Grips

Iíve added Ahrends Zebrawood grips and Wilson Combat stainless hex screws. Inside Iíve replaced the recoil spring with a 19.5 pound one. Iíve got the Wilson Combat trigger and mainspring to still install at this point.

Wilson Combat Trigger

Hereís the Wilson Combat trigger installed. Basically you have to strip the pistol completely down to get to the trigger. It wasnít difficult following some provided instructions (thanks Steve). The weight trigger doesnít mean a lighter pull but less moving mass. It has a nice grooved non-slip surface. The trigger pull measures 4.25 pounds which is fine for a combat pistol. There is very little take up and no creep with the stock sear and hammer. The trigger is adjustable for overtravel.

Springfield Armory 1911-A1