The Smith and Wesson 686 is a six shot .357 Magnum revolver. The 686 was my first revolver, I started to carry a revolver after having my carry semiautomatic jam just once on some Russian manufactured lacquer coated ammo. The stock grips have been replaced with a Crimson Trace laser grip sight grip. Note the tiny switch visible where the ring finger sits on the grip. Squeezing this switch lights a laser mounted in the bulge visible in the grip near the top just below where the hammer sits in this picture. There is a master on/off switch in the bottom of the grip to prevent the laser from lighting if needed.

Revolvers have no outside additional safeties as the trigger pull in double action is a still 12-15 pounds - something that isnít going to happen by accident. If the hammer is pulled back before pulling the trigger the pull is reduced to smooth 4.25 pounds. Revolvers can fire a variety of bullet shapes and sizes. Lighter loads can be used to practice with or to teach a new shooter proper technique. The .357 Magnum can also chamber and fire the lower powered .38 Special cartridge.

S&W 686 with Laser Grip
Smith and Wesson 686