The Smith and Wesson model 5904 is a third generation double double 9mm pistol. Double action and double row of 9mm cartridges giving 15 to 17 shots depending on the magazine follower size. This was my first centerfire pistol. Pistol magazines are no longer permitted to be manufactured that hold more than 10 cartridges but still can be sold if manufactured before the infrindgement on the right. As it takes less than two seconds to change magazines why canít citizens of these United States own them? Is anything going to make the homicidal maniac pause to concider that killing is wrong between the 10th and 11th shots as they are changing magazines?

This pistol is a very dependable semi-automatic and is my carry pistol while camping.

S&W 5904
S&W Pistol Meprolight Sights

I managed to damage one of the stock rear sights wings on a trip to the range. Rather than go with stock replacement sights I got a set of $67.00 Meprolight adjustable tritium luminesent night sights. These sights glow pretty brightly in the dark. Installation required a bit of work to tap out the front sight and to disassemble the rear sight with its three springs.

Smith and Wesson 5904