Ruger Mark II

The Ruger Mk. II is a truly classic .22 LR. This is the target model in stainless steel. The pistol is a naturally pointing little thing and wears rubber target grips. The stights are excellent and fully adjustable making this a good beginners or training pistol. It is however a bit tough to re-assemble after cleaning and even after taking it apart ten times I still need the assembly instructions to get that darn lever in that notch!

Ruger MkII Tigger

I changed out the trigger assembly with a Volquartsen Custom drop-in accurizer kit. It included a target trigger, target hammer, sear, trigger rebound spring, and mainspring. Taking the pistol apart was a bit of a challenge but carefully examining the trigger assembly it all went back together again. The trigger pull on the wide trigger is now three and a half pounds. The overtravel is adjustable with the black screw visible sticking out the back of the trigger.

Ruger Mk II