KNS Rear Studs

The $13.50 KNS Precision rear sling mount from Kager Systems replaces the rear sling loop on AR-15ís, M-16ís, AR-10ís and SR-25 rifles. It attaches with the original bottom butt plate screws. Replacing the stock sling loop allows for common quick detachable slings to be used in times like when cleaning the rifle or any other time the upper receiver is separated from the lower. When storing the rifle complex combat slings can simply be removed. The mount is made from steel and has a phosphate finish. They seem very well made and quite strong. The stud has holes running in both directions allowing for attaching the sling at a 90 degree angle as well as perpendicular to the rear stock.

They are available directly from Kager Systems and from MidwayUSA, Delta Force, Gun Parts Corporation and Brownells.

KNS Rear Studs installed
KNS Mounts