M77 MkII

The Ruger M77 MkII Target rifle in .22-250 caliber is Rugerís most accurate varmint rifle. Mine wears laminated beaver fore-end stocks and has a Timney Mfg. trigger which is set to a crisp 3 pounds. Iíve just purchased a Weaver V24 6-24 x 42 mm scope (below) with an adjustable objective and 1/8Ē adjustment target turrets for use on this rifle. This bolt action rifle is my most accurate and is capable of 3/8Ē groups at 100 yards using hand loaded ammunition. Itís still ďstockĒ and holds itís own against some custom rifles.

The .223 cartridge is on the left, the .22-250 is on the right side.

The .22-250 shoots a 55 grain bullet at over 3700 feet per second at the muzzle, the .223 is about 500 feet per second slower. Muzzle energy is over 1600 foot pounds. The rifle is zeroed at 250 yards and the drop at 300 yards is only 3 inches. The .22-250 cartridge is arguably the most accurate factory round in the world. Some wildcat calibers have surpassed itís abilities in recent years.

Weaver V24 Scope
Ruger M77 Mk II