The Ruger Mini-14 is sort of a 3/4 scale M-14/M1A rifle that fires the .223 cartridge rather than its bigger brothers .308.

This was my first centerfire rifle and I had mounted a scope on it trying to improve its 3 and 4 inch groups at 100 yards. No luck as the rifle just lacks the ability to hold such accuracy. It is a rather light to carry and fun plinker. Itís an excellent rifle for someone looking just to own one semiautomatic rifle. Due to itís relatively inexpensive .223 ammo it encourages lots of practice, has light recoil and and itís fairly easy to clean and maintain.

This rifle as pictured is not considered to be an evil assault rifle - until you add the folding stock as in the link below. It is also not on Californiaís list of restricted weapons even though it is functionally identical to many of them.

Ruger Mini-14