Feather AT-22

The Feather AT-22 was designed by the same man who designed the Air Force’s AR-9 survival rifle. He added such features as 20 round magazines, extended magazine release, collapsible stocks, a receiver tapped for scope mounts and a detachable barrel. The rifle packs neatly into a soft brief case looking case. The “H&K” iron sights give a great picture.

The 1.5-4.5 x 20mm scope gives a wide field of view. This fun little .22 LR rifle never fails to draw a crowd at the range. Its future manufacture is banned by the 1994 “crime control bill” because it sports a pistol grip, collapsible stock, treaded barrel and has a detachable magazine - a genuine .22 LR assault weapon. Feather also makes an AT-9 in 9mm. This is my wife’s favorite firearm.

AK Brake

I added the AK-47 muzzle brake as more of fashion statement rather than to control the tiny .22 LR recoil

The wire stock extended.

Feather Industries AT-22