DS Arms is one of the finest manufactures of the Fusil Leger Automatique or FAL which was originally designed by Fabrique Nationale. This model, the STG-58 Kit, l uses DSA’s receiver, seven US made parts and Austrian or Belgian contract components and comes complets as shown with magazine, bipod and carry case. Fit and finish on the rifle is first class. The FAL is known as the “Battle rifle of the free world” being used by some 90 countries world wide. The NATO 7.62 (or .308 Winchester) that the FAL shoots is a full power cartridge which compares against the AR and AK rifles which use intermediate cartridges - falling between the full power rifle and weaker pistol cartridges.

Once I mastered the gas system’s setting the rifle has been 100 percent reliable and has proven very accurate even with it’s combat suited sights. I’ve add a DSA receiver cover with a weaver mount to the rifle and will add optics soon.

DSA STG-58 FAL Rifle
DSA STG-58 FAL receiver
DSA STG-58 FAL muzzle brake

The business end of the rifle. The muzzle brake is a DSA design. The front sling swivel is free to rotate around the barrel, a nice touch. The included bipod mounts just behind the sling swivel. Above that is the gas adjustment and front sight. A recent BATF opinion has stated that the muzzle brake may limit a bit of the flash making this device illegal. DSA mailed me a recall notice and I had to ship the rifle back for alteration. The muzzle device below it the California  disapproved flash suppressor for the Springfield Armory M1A.

The lower receiver is a DSA type two with extra lighting cuts and some added contours. The handle folds out of the way when not used and does not move once put there. Below it is the large bolt cocking handle. A 20 round magazine is standard and extra pre-ban magazines are available for about $5.00-$8.00. The magazine release is just forward of the trigger guard. The rifle “shotguns” open by rotating a level just below the rear sight. The safety is marked “E” and “S”.

New Brake