A closer look and the M1As receiver. The rifle only came with a single ten round magazine. 20 round magazines are still available and not too expensive at $32.00 each from Cole's Distributing. The future manufacture of 20 round magazines for civilian use is banned so it pays to stock up while they are still plentiful and relatively cheap.

The scope is a Springfield Armory 4-14 X 56 mm 1st Generation model and features unique range finding reticles and an internal bubble level. The scope also features a bullet drop compensator calibrated to the 7.62 cartridge. Knowing the size of any part of your target, you match that measurement with the portion of the reticle and read off the range (see the right-hand side of the illustration). Newer Second and Third Generation Springfield Armory scope models feature an adjustable objective ring and the Third Generation model has an illuminated reticle.


The bubble level is at the bottom of this view of the reticle. The bubble is shown centered between the two lower posts.

M1A Scope
Springfield Armory Scope