This Olympic Arms PCR 99 is the first of four rifles that Iíve assembled myself. It wears a set of OD green Armalite stocks.

The chamber was under sized as shipped which caused extraction problems, a proper sized reamer opened it up to specifications. I also found that the carry handle hole was drilled too far back and had to take a hand file and enlarge it forward by about 1/4Ē. There is no drain hole drilled under the front sight elevation screw. The upper is poorly made with one side of the carry handle a different thickness than the other side.

The rifle has completed a 500 round without failure or cleaning test and is not suitable to me as a reliable rifle. It joins my Armalite M-15 SPR, Pre-ban Olympic Arms/Bushmaster MFR-15, M1A, M1 Garand and FAL as battle ready rifles.

The yellow arrow points out the thicker of the two upper rails. This same lower has had the hole opened up to allow the mounting of a scout rail. Its sisterís on the left also has the hole drilled too far back - but at least its rails are close to being the same size.

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