This second Olympic Arms PCR 99 was shipped as a mistake by Olympic Arms. Somehow I received (and was changed for) two of the special sale rifle kits. This rifle has a shorter A1 shoulder stock installed and has an Ergo Grip installed. This is a dissipater model that combines the shorter barrel of a CAR carbine with the longer handgruards of a rifle. The longer guards allow for a more comfortable hold and a longer, more accurate sight radius. Note the paracord hanging from the bottom of the magazine - this helps in pulling it from a tight magazine pouch.

This rifle suffers with similar issues as itís brother rifle with an undersized chamber, carry handle hole drilled in the wrong location and a missing drain hole under the rear sightís elevation screw.

Olympic Arms Black PCR
Smith Brake

The Smith muzzle brake has four hex screws that mate with a grove milled into the Olympic Armsí barrel. Note the two rows of holes along the top of the brake, these help reduce muzzle rise. The brake is mounted slightly right of center to control the tendency of the rifle to rise up and to the right.

Olympic PCR Black