This area is going to give me a place to vent - those attempting to surpress American citizens the right to bear arms have much learning to do. I have never met a person who is for “gun control” that understood anything about the facts of the issue. Their arguments are based on feelings and emotion - good laws are based on reasoning and facts.

Let’s talk feelings... if you’re for taking my right to own a fire arm to you really feel that this is going to do society any good? Read why I purchased my first firearms here.

This story tells my tail of a case where just having a firearm may have stopped a crime.

Think you live in a country of freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution?
Read about the War on Gun Rights.

This question in the one that firearms right control people ask me the most.

This is the question that I ask those same controlling people the most.

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Americans suffer from the Do Something Disease.

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