Summer of 1999

While the media will continue with its theater, raking the NRA over the coals, what is interesting is that, despite numerous references by Clinton to his Brady Act having stopped "half a million.... felons, fugitives or stalkers" from purchasing a handgun from an FFL (a clear violation of federal law if true), not one of the talking heads is asking the million dollar question -- the issue that has been raised time and again on these programs and will continue to do so -- where are the prosecutions? And while Clinton will brush off discussion of his abysmal prosecution record with a statistic, which no one else can seem to verify, that prosecutions have risen, the fact still remains that Syracuse University's analysis of Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) data shows a 44% decrease in BATF referred federal firearms prosecutions through 1998.

These facts don’t lie and the President is more interested in political gain than the saving of innocent lives. Before the bodies are even cold this spineless man is stumping for more worthless feel-good gun laws after each killing. He recently called for gun safety locks in a crack house full of stolen property after a six year old boy shot a six year old girl-- does he even hear what he’s saying? What kind of parent leaves a gun laying around a home? One dealing crack apparently. There are plenty of laws concerning child negligence that would have taken the child out of this home and put these monsters behind bars. But why talk about the failure to detect, catch and prosecute these people. Talk about infringing on a right guaranteed under the land’s Constitution with yet another un-enforced law.  Laws don’t prevent violent criminals from committing a crime, they prosecute them afterwards - if the administration were to even bother to prosecute...

It seems to me that the 20,000 current guns laws need to be enforced. It seems to me that prior to the drug culture taking over society that we didn’t have all these killings. It seems to me that when a violent criminal is in jail that it’s going to be harder for them to get a gun. It seems to me that using a tragedy for political gain is the lowest form of politics. What seems to be with you?

    Adapted from an NRA fax alert.

Why register a Constitutionally protected right?

US Ordnace 1919A4

The US Ordinance 1919A4 semiautomatic .30-06 rifle is functionally identical to the M1 Garand.

The United States has among the world’s lowest “hot” burglary rates -- burglaries committed while people are in the building -- at 13%, compared to “gun-free” Britain’s rate, which is now up to 59 percent. Yale Law School Senior Research Scholar Dr. John Lott reports, “ If you survey burglars, American burglars spend at least twice as long casing a joint before they break in. When you ask American burglars why that is, the number one reason they give for taking so much time is: They’re afraid of getting shot.” Put yourself in the burglar’s shoes. Would you rather know or not know if the property owner you are about to rob is armed?

Aussie Crime Soars Again: Another Gun Control Success?

Crime has soared across Australia during the past year with the number of people attacked increasing by almost 7,000 and sexual assaults by 1,500. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) survey of crime recorded by police in 2000 shows the number of crime victims increased in just about every category except murder. There were 302 people murdered in 2000, compared with 343 in 1999

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