It seems that every time something bizarre happens to anyone in our society that liberals and their willing politicians feel the need to do something about it. Let me alter that, whenever something bizarre happens that involves a firearm the liberals feel the need to do something.

 This summer a Russian immigrant stabbed his pregnant wife, his in-laws, and his children to death with a knife. Where was the hue and cry to limit the size of knifes, call for a waiting period, or to close the swap meet loophole? Surely if the obviously crazy man used a firearm to commit his heinous crime Californian politicians would be searching for another law to pass that restricts only the honest citizens, makes the ignorant unarmed feel better and does nothing to address the root of the problem.

 How many children drown this year in backyard swimming pools or were bitten by sharks this summer? Yet swimming pools continue to enjoy public favor and the beaches remain crowded. Too many people have grown up without healthy exposure to the shooting sports to know anything other that what Hollywood shows them on the latest movie to separate them from their money and reality.

The fact is that people kill people and that a gun is sometimes the tool that the criminal uses to commit his crime. Most crime in America can be ultimately traced to the drug culture whether protecting their illegal goods or fighting over the right to sell the highly profitable drugs on their turf it’s drugs that fill the cities morgues. If you’re not involved with drugs and you’re not living in a neighborhood that embraces them you a several times better chance of not being a victim.

We’ve passed twenty thousand laws controlling firearms in America by some counts. We’ve also passed laws against killing, rape, burglary, and narcotics abuse yet it would seem that they all continue in our society. What is needed isn’t more laws but more jails and jail time. When the laws against abusing drugs or guns are not enforced then society will continue to suffer from the blight that these inanimate objects in the hands of criminals bring to our otherwise polite society.

I am a bright, intelligent, well-read, and educated man. I have yet to see but a handful of the thousands of gun laws that make one bit of sense. The politicians in California and in power in many states of this once great Republic play upon the emotions of their ignorant foolish followers. They believe that just one more law against this color or style of firearm will cause the murder to stop. How foolish this truly is. Firearms in the hands of honest law-abiding citizens deter crime far better than a police officer coming to the scene of an act of violence hours afterwards.

Take personal responsibility for your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Upon hearing a felon breaking into my home I will call 911 but I will also arm myself and take the responsibility of defending mine. Citizens of this country still have the right to chose not to be a victim but liberals are fighting tooth and nail to remove that right. They are more concerned that I will do harm to them than the career criminal with a dozen convictions on their record. They’ve focused on the wrong target which will cause them to fail time and time again. This leads them to believe that if they just pass the right combination of laws they’ll somehow be safe in the society that they’ve taken the morals, justice, and responsibility out of though both the teachings of schools and the rulings of the courts.


Do Something!