Some of my favorite sites:

Bushmaster M-4 with Ruger Mk II sm

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Web Sites for IT Jobs and Career Planning

America’s Job Bank Large extensive site that is easy to navigate IT Career Network Resource rich with discussion boards Technology Information and Career Portal Resource rich with career events listings
CareerBuilder Network Features jobs from over 75 other career sites Training resources and expert advice Large and well organized by location and speciality Various search features
Computer-tech Consultants Ltd. Outsourcing services and IT career and job postings High Tech Jobs Large and easy to navigate site Recruiting and job awareness site Sorted by career channel and has event listings Tech news, job seeker and recruiter sections
Kforce Professional Staffing Salary tool Large extensive site, easy to navigate
NationalJob Network Various search features
OxygenRush Well designed, feature stories, hardware reviews, style guide
SmartCertify Direct (subsidiary of SmartForce) SmartForce IT training software subsidiary Big and extensive site with training tools
TechRepublic Large IT site created by IT professionals Channels, career news and industry trends