From an American’s First Freedom article: “Strap an electric collar onto a dog. Shock him when he doesn’t obey, then shock him again when he does obey. If you teach him that the rules are ever-changing and that punishment comes without cause, you’ll get one of two outcomes: Either he’ll surrender to punishment as the inescapable outcome, with downturned head and withers trembling – or he’ll rebel against that authority, hackles raises and snarling and disobey every rule.”

The state of California has been for more than ten years constantly changing the rules obviously in outright violation of the Constitution’s Bill of Right’s Second Amendment which clearly prohibits States from infringing on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Those rights in the US Constitution are reserved for the federal government; those not enunciated are free for the states to populate. If the state of California passed a law that suddenly allowed the US Army to quarter it’s troops in your home this would be declared un-Constitutional and overthrown by the US Supreme Court. Yet in California handguns are banned because they are too small, not expensive enough, or have their magazine in the politically incorrect position. Purchases of handguns are rationed to one per month. Rifles are banned by looks, use of detachable magazines, pistol grips, muzzle devices and a dozen other bizarre and seemingly random characteristics. Even toy guns are now regulated by color. The US Supreme Court will step in and overturn these Constitutional violations sooner or later, I just hope it occurs before firearms owners have their forearms tattooed.

I have been shooting and collecting various firearms for many years and at the same time have been studying the recent movement to prohibit law-abiding citizens from ownership of them. The politicians who press though each knee-jerk restriction to the latest workplace or schoolyard shooting know perfectly well that the additional regulation will have no effect on the criminal behavior. What bigger taboo is there in today’s society than the taking of another’s life? Very few indeed. So they are trying to legislate a behavior to someone who has already decided to murder one or more humans. Do you honestly think that the killer is going to be slowed down for one second by a regulation prohibiting the use of a rifle with a pistol grip that protrudes below the trigger? It has been long said that you cannot legislate morality yet this is exactly what the liberals are attempting to do.

Firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens are a clear deterrent against crime. When criminals are polled in prison they state that residents with firearms are a bigger crime deterrent than the police. Also according to statistics, police shoot the wrong person more often than the common citizen with a firearm. If you haven’t sat down and figured it out yet the police respond to crime rather than actively prevent crime. They will come to your home after the murder, rape or robbery to attempt to find the criminal afterwards. I don’t plan on waiting to be murdered, have my wife raped or get robbed too many times without taking my own protection into my own hands. And that’s what the politicians want to prevent. When three large men are beating at your door threatening to do harm to your family would you rather have a telephone or a rifle in your hand? A murder takes place in seconds, police response time in measured in tens of minutes. Certainly call the police but until they arrive your protection is in your hands.

The same politicians that pass laws that make it impossible to legally carry a concealed weapon have their own tax dollar paid for armed security guards and sleep in a state guarded mansion with a comprehensive security system. What makes them think for one tiny slice of a single second that their life is anymore valuable that mine or yours? They may think that their elected office makes them special but the laws apply to them as well, or does it? Have they made themselves a secret handshake society above us lowly subjects? Why are they taking the proven best tool for our own protection away from us?

Remember that the armed criminal is bothered less with getting arrested killing, raping or in an armed robbery then running into an armed victim. Then why are politicians so busy making us into victims? This bothered me for years and years, what was the motive? Not being of the victim mindset I found it nearly impossible to think like one. Until just recently I couldn’t find insight into the thinking of the liberal right-restricting politicians. Until I looked at what makes politicians into politicians: the use of other people’s money and the power it brings them. By catering to the “sheep”, those citizens who choose to be victims, the politicians gain their votes and with it the power to tax and take our life energy for their own use. Those sheep” have an irrational rage against those who choose not to be victims.

The “sheep” feel that they are too weak to survive without assistance from an all-knowing, all-powerful central government. They raise the professional politician to the level of a flawless king who can do no harm – look at what former President Clinton got away with as an example of a man that is worshiped by the “sheep”. Clinton was a man with hypocrisy seemingly without limit. The “sheep” raise their chosen leader to a God-like status and worship him or her asking them for protection, prosperity and wisdom to solve their mere human problems. Sorry, if you haven’t noticed the Savior hasn’t made himself visible to us yet and I doubt that he’ll choose to do it as a womanizing lying politician when he does.

The “sheep” need to wake up and take responsibility for their own lives. They need to make their own decisions and live with the self-esteem that comes from making success from standing up on their own two feet rather than supported and coddled from the cradle to the grave. I am afraid that the independent spirit that gave our forefathers the strength to throw off the burden of the King of England is gone. Rather they actually seek the comfort of an all giving government. Those people in this republic of states that want a strong central federal government are in the majority. The “sheep” are actively are seeking to overthrow our Constitutional form of government by centralizing all power into the Administrative branch and therefore removing the effective system of checks and balances that had been the law as set down in the US Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights. Key to seizing this power is the disarming of the population as a whole. Our Founding Fathers knew of the danger of a strong central government and gave us citizens the means to equalize the equation. Look at their writings yourself if you doubt me.

Removing firearms using the “death by a hundred cuts method” will allow the central federal government to seize unlimited power. For a people without the means to protect themselves both from the government and from each other will have to seek protection from those with the means. Unarmed people are always the victims. It’s has happened time and time in this world where a powerful government as killed off some portion of it’s unarmed population. Rather than a power that is derived from the consent of the governed we will have to trust that the absolute power given to the government’s Administrative branch will not corrupt absolutely. I am not a very trusting person and refuse to surrender my responsibilities for any reason, let alone an un-Constitutional law to an out-of-control State government. Words mean something and despite the best efforts of some the meaning of the words “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” has not changed.  These old words still mean that we, as law-abiding citizens, have a God given right and responsibility to own firearms – firearms with detachable magazines, pistol grips, bayonet lugs and flash suppressors. I am one dog who is rebelling against the authority and will continue to snarl and keep my hackle raised. My spirit will not be soon broken.


Have you noticed that we register child molesters, sex offenders and firearm owners?

Learned Helplessness