The state of California law states that some rifles such as the AR-15 series of rifles are not protected under the Constitutionís ď...shall not be infringed...Ē phrase and subjects of the crown, I mean citizens of this republic of united states, no longer have the right to keep or bear them. More powerful rifles are allowed and rifles that are otherwise identical in function and caliber are allowed just not AR-15ís. Two alternatives exist now - a DPMS single shot and a ten shot lower receiver. Iím still looking into both but until the second civil war my ARís will find elsewhere to stay.

Iíve just purchased a n M1 Carbine to expand my World War II rifle collection.. I will be shopping for a Remington 700 bolt action rifle to continue to keep my skills sharp. My Springfield Armory M1A, Ruger Mini-14, Springfield M1 Garand, Mossberg Shotgun, Ruger M77, DSA FAL (minus the pistol grip) and Feather AT-22 are all California legal for the time being. My trigger assembly of my M1A will be sent to Clint McKee of Fulton Armory for some tender loving care.

I will never be forced to register any of my Constitutional rights. I am made of much stronger stuff than that!

Collection 4-2001
Long Arms