The .30-06 cartridges are held in a double row with a clip holding 8 rounds. The magazine can not be refreshed in use. Upon shooting the last round the clip is ejected upwards and outwards with a distinctive clanging noise.

The .30-06 caliber cartridge typically comes with bullets weighing between 125 and 178 grains with most military rounds are around 165 grains. Muzzle velocity ranges between 2700 to 3100 feet per second and muzzle energy is a very powerful 2700 to 2900 foot pounds. At 300 yards the 165 grain bullet is still at a velocity of 2000 feet per second and holding just over 1500 foot pounds of energy. The drop of the 165 grain bullet zeroed at 200 yards is 9 inches at 300 yards.

.30-06 Cartridges