Pro-Ears, made by RidgeLine Inc., are a set of active hearing protection that use electronic compression rather than clipping to protect the wearer’s ears during loud noises. Electronic compression acts like an automatic volume control rapidly reducing (compressing) the sound to a safe level and then reproducing that sound though a speaker in each cup. Pro-Ears now come in a new “Dimension” series replacing their Linear Elite (LE) models and claim the following:

  • The clearest, most natural sound quality ever.
  • Fastest ‘Attack Time’ - reacts in less than 2 milliseconds (0.002 seconds).
  • Dynamic Level Compression (DLC) protects hearing without shutting off amplification systems.
  • Harmful noise levels are kept below 70 dB, sounds below 70 dB are amplified up to 8x normal hearing so every sound is heard even at great distances. Incredible 50 dB of gain.
  • Stereo for true direction sound detection.
  • Independent volume controls. No connecting wires.
  • Special replaceable sealing rings for the ultimate in comfort.
  • 200 hours minimum battery life. Batteries included.
  • 5 year warranty.

   I selected a set of Stalkers for my use because they were light at 9.8 oz. and offered an NRR of 20 dB which is in my experence and opinion enough for rifles out-of-doors. Indoors shooting pistols or rifles I’ll add EAR foam plugs underneath the Pro-Ears. The Stalker model comes in an olive drab green color with black headband and have chopped sides allowing for a closer cheek weld. They have a patch of felt on the lower portion of the right cup to protect the stock’s finish. I found the Stalkers in stock and at Metro Tactical Products in Corona CA for $179. Dealer cost is about $135, suggested retail is $199.
   The Stalkers use four ‘N’ size one and a half volt batteries. There are external volume controls for each cup that allow the user to set the amount of amplification from zero to a quite sensitive 8x. I was able to hear my own movements and distant sounds very well using this feature. Internally there is another adjustment to set the sensitivity for areas like factory floors which have a constant high noise floor (the quietest noise level expected).
     In use the noise protection “feels” and wears great. I am able to clearly hear things like the safety snapping, people talking and my footsteps.

Pro-Ears Cup
Pro-Ears  Hearing Protection