Steel Plate

This id a 0.20 inch thick steel plate shot with a AR-15 (.223) at 100 yards. To the left of the .223 holes is a splash where a .357 FMJ hit from just 50 feet, it only dented the place. To the right at 2:00 and again at 5:00 there are small dents from 9 mm FMJ rounds. At 1:00 there is some discoloration where some .22 LR hit the plate.

Steel Plate Close-up

Below is a close up of the same pattern of holes. This is the front of the plate. Note how the copper jacket left color on the rim of each hole where the splash of the steel peels back.

1.5 inch steel plate

This one and a half inch thick steel plate from the deck of an Navy ship just barely had its paint chiped by a 62 grain .223 FMJ bullet.

Steel Targets