The UniTec-100 is a first generation Night Vision Rifle Scope that can be mounted to a weaver rail. The IR illuminator is located on the top and illuminates out to about 100 feet. The reticle is a chevron (inverted V) and is controlled with the mark control. The rubber eye cup allows for a comfortable view while shooting. The rugged unit runs on just two AA batteries that seem to last nearly forever. The scope attaches to a weaver rail using two thumb screws. Optical focus is pretty sharp and the picture is pretty clear for a 1st generation model. The picture is in a green/white and black much like an old black and white television. Due to the monochrome view movement is much more noticeable than the color difference of a target. Man-sized targets are clearly viewable at 125 to 150 yards under just a quarter moon.

Ive mounted this on both my AR-15s and my M1A for some after dark target practice. Out in the high desert Ill hang several targets in a 1 x 2 wooden frame and then light a couple of candles behind them. The bullets leave bright white marks where the light shines though the holes left in the paper.

Due to the built-in IR illuminator these scopes are so darn nasty that they are illegal for the subjects of California even to own! Separate scopes and illuminators are fine but not scopes with built-in illuminators. As far as I know California is the only state in the union to restrict their subjects from owning this device.

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UniTec-100 Night Vision