The Aimpoint Comp ML sits forward on the Bushmaster M-4 flattop rail in an Aimpoint Rail Grabber mount. The large knob is torque limiting and slips in a ratchet when tightened to the correct torque. The flip-up covers have been rotated 180 degrees so that caps now lay flat against the handguard and rail when popped opened. The Comp ML red dot sight costs about $300, has a three minute of angle red dot and it built very rugged. The windage, elevation and battery covers are all wired together to prevent loss. The battery has a long life but I still carry a spare in my pack.

The Tenebraex KillFLASH anti-reflection device is designed to eliminate potentially compromising reflections from the objective lens. This rugged, low profile KillFLASH anti-reflection device enhances the Aimpoint Comp ML use under a wide range of  scenarios, including patrolling, MOUT, close quarters battle (CQB), and fire and maneuver operations. The geometry of the CC-Aís honeycomb shield maintains a clear, bright view through the sight and does not interfere with target acquisition. The lightweight, low maintenance design of the CC-A adds virtually no additional weight to the carbine and provides essential objective lens protection against the elements and rough handling. Simple screw-in installation allows the sight's existing flip-open cover to still be used. ďIf they donít see you... they donít shoot you.Ē


Left is the killFLASH at a slight angle and right is the killFLASH viewed straight on.

The U.S. Army signed a contract with Aimpoint guaranteeing the purchase of 80,000 (with the option of purchasing an additional 20,000) Aimpoint Comp M electronic reflex sights and associated mounts for the M16A2 rifle and M4A1 carbine. Aimpoint sights now become the primary aiming systems for these two military firearms.

As the choice of the U.S. Army and elite forces around the world, Aimpoint sights offer high performance, military-proven technology and rugged durability. Aimpoint's both-eyes-open, heads-up, rapid target acquisition and superior accuracy deliver unmatched precision for a variety of applications.

After 18 months of rigorous testing, only one red dot sight earns the U.S. Army's seal of approval - the Aimpoint Comp M. The U.S. Army dropped, baked, froze, and submerged sights from leading manufacturers during an eighteen month testing period to determine which sight could withstand the most punishing military conditions. After outscoring the competition in both operational and developmental testing, Aimpoint sights are the only sights chosen for the U.S. Army contract. Aimpoint sights are not only the choice of the U.S. Army, but the U.S. Special Forces, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, S.W.A.T. teams, and elite military units around the world.

Front of Comp ML
Rear of Comp ML

Left: Note how far out the torque limiting knob sticks out. The KillFLASH hex grid can be seen installed on the front screen. The iron sights align perfectly with the Comp MLís red dot

Comp ML
Aimpoint Comp ML