When I added the TACM III lighting system to my M-4 carbine it was the first time I ever violated my own self imposed “one-thing-on-the-rifle” rule. I am puzzled by those that buy a light weight quick pointing carbine or rifle and proceed to hang five pounds worth of scope, mounts, bipod, forward grip, flashlight, flare launcher... etc. off of it. My M-4 carbine already sort of, kind of violated my rule with a Comp ML sitting in a mount in front of DPMS detachable sight. Clearly two items but extremely functional with one goal between the two - a quick surefire sighting system.

The TACM III was just purchased for $105 after I looked long and hard at the over $360 Surefire model 500A system. I decided that I didn’t need a light “that” bad and settled on the TACM. I rarely compromise on any of my purchases as I’ve learned that you only buy quality once. Looking at the TACM I don’t think that this is a compromise that I will regret. The light features 105 lumens of brightness, is light weight, and is made of a shock and water resistant polymer plastic. The mount attaches with a single screw from the inside of a detached handguard and can place the light at the 3:00 or 9:00 position. There is a short length of wire that attaches a pressure pad switch which is typical with these lights. A light pressure of the support hand lights the very bright light.

TACM III Light System