ACOG Close Up small
Adjustable sights small
Aimpoint Comp ML and DPMS Sight small
AMT Scope Small
Fixed Sights
Global NVRS small
Laser and Red Dot Small

Fixed sights on a Tarus 85 38 Special Pistol

Adjustable sights on a Smith and Wesson 5904

An Aimpoint red dot sight sitting in front of a DPMS adjustable rear iron sight on a Bushmaster AR-15A3 rifle

An AMT Professional telescopic sight on an Armalite M-15A4 SPR rifle

A Trijicon compact ACOG (Advance Combat Optical Gunsight) for mounting on an AR-15A2 rifle

A combination laser and red dot sight for mounting on a weaver rail.

A night vision rifle scope with an IR illuminator for mounting on a weaver rail.

Sight Examples

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